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A software-development company

InfraLogic is a software-development company specializing in optimization and automation of graphic industry processes. Our core competence involves the newspaper publishing industry - especially in deadline critical environments with high demands for planning.

InfraLogic has a large install base ranging from local press site systems to national printing networks. See our reference list for details. 

We offer a number of standard-skeletons centered around the ControlCenter, PDFHUB and PPM suite of modules. The design allows a hig degree of customization to adapt to local needs, without sacrificing the stability and robustness of the main core modules. Customization is usually required to communicate with existing systems, such as editorial or press planning systems.

Moreover, InfraLogic technitians are certified cloud architects and administrators, helping migrating our customers to the cloud.

We have implemented a development methodology based on a number of IEEE standards for software and validation. The standards are tools for quality assurance, project planning and uniform documentation.

Main products
Our main products are workflow solutions for the graphics industry. See ControlCenter Professional and ControlCenter Enterprise for detailed information

Other products
InfraLogic has developed a number of stand-alone applications for specific solutions, such as PDF validation and optimization, FTP file distribution, load balancing, Ink preset calculation, bitmap fanout scaling, report feedback on pre-flighting and ripping etc.

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