Juni 2022
KFS Media, Finland uses InfraLogic PDFHUB for integrating Aptoma editorial system with ePaper publishers

March 2022
Erritsø Print Management, Denmark installs InfraLogic ControlCenter workflow for their print site in Aalborg, Denmark

November 2021
Nordjyske Medier Denmark, uses the InfraLogic PDFhub as Saas solution for integrating Aptoma editorial system with print sites and ePaper publishers

December 2020
Sjællandske medier Denmark, selects InfraLogic Workflow with PPM for 3 print site.

April 2020
Infralogic release SMS modul for send/recive sms text messages.

February 2020
Infralogic release a e-paper solutions, with full integretions to Workflow and PPM. 100% automatisk e-paper solution.

January 2020
V-Tab, Sweden consolidates their prepress activities into a central InfraLogic ControlCenter system.

April 2019
Infralogic release APR (Automatisk Plate Routing) for more advanced and secure plate stacking.

Marts 2019
Shibsted Medier Norway, extend there Infralogic Workflow with Infralogic-PDFhub, for generating and transmitting pdf.

February 2019
Agderposten Norway, selects InfraLogic Workflow with PPM and integration with DCOS.

January 2019
Jysk Fynske medier Denmark, chose Infralogic Workflow for 3 press site. Incl. PPM system, for integration with CCI, EAE and ABB printing system.

March 2018
Skive Folkeblad extend there Infralogic system with PPM system, for integration with Navitions and DCOS.

February 2018
InfraLogic releases it's own preflight and colorsave applications in order to ensure correct processing of new pdf standards. Base on Callas technology.

January 2018
Vestjysk Rotation, Denmark chooses Infralogic PPM system with integrations to Navitions, for handling and prober visulalize for the productions. 

February 2017
Dar Al Yaum, Saudi Arabia  selects InfraLogic workflow for its Dammam site

October 2016
InfraLogic launches ePaper Generator for publishing to browsers, tablet and other mobile devices

October 2016
InfraLogic attends the IFRA Expo in Vienna. Meet us at stand C.553 (See the map)

July 2016
Bornholms Tidende, Denmark selects InfraLogic ColorServer for ink save

July 2016
OTM, Ikast Denmark selects InfraLogic ControlCenter for pre-press automation

June 2016
Bornholms Tidende, Denmark installs the newly released PPM system

May 2016
InfraLogic releases Print Production Manager (PPM).This system allows printers to manage and supervise their printing jobs inpre-press, press and in mail room.

March 2016
Polaris Trykk, Harstad Norway selects InfraLogic ColorServer for ink save

January 2016
Maeil Business Newspaper, South Korea, selects InfraLogic ControlCenter systems for three printing sites

December 2015
Hordeland Bladdrift AS, Norway selects InfraLogic ControlCenter pre-press system

October 2015
InfraLogic will be attending the IFRA Expo. Meet us in Hamburg on stand 1.451

July 2015
Amedia Trykk, Norway selects InfraLogic for centralizing pre-press for printing at 10 press sites

June 2015
Dalane Tidende, Norway chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation with ECRM and Dotline CTPs

May 2015
Dansk Avistryk A/S, Denmark chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation with KBA and GOSS presses

April 2015
Bladet Sunnholdland, Norway chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation with Dotline CTPs

March 2015
OKAZ, Saudi Arabien chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation with Kodak CTPs

October 2014
InfraLogic will be attending the IFRA Expo. Meet us in Amsterdam on stand 9.122

September 2014
Dong A Daily, Korea installs it third InfraLogic system

August 2014
Pressgrannar, Uppsala Sverige chooses InkCenter Enterprise for ink preset generation and softproofing in the preshall

August 2014
Bornholms Tidende, Denmark chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation

Juni 2014
New versions of InfraLogic Color Convert Server and InfraLogic Preflight Server are released

April 2014
Hamar Avistrykk, Norge chooses InfraLogic for pre-press automation with Dotline CTPs

Marts 2014
Kyoung Hyang Daily, Korea installs ControlCenter for Krause CTP automation

Januar 2014
InfraLogic and callas software signs an OEM agreement for distribution of PDF preflight and inksave solutions. PDF processing is now tightly integrated into the ControlCenter workflow

September 2013
Al-Madina Printing Corp, Saudi Arabia chooses ControlCenter for site in Jeddah

January 2013
HankyeRe Daily Korea installs ControlCenter for CTP automation

October 2012
DongA Daily Korea installs ControlCenter at two print sites for CTP automation

September 2013
El Tiempo, Colombia installs InkCenter for pre-set calculation

June 2012
InfraLogic distributes basICColor color server solutions e.g. for color production stabilization and ink saving

June 2012
BT Trykk, Bergen Norway chooses ControlCenter

February 2012
Arab News, Saudi Arabia chooses ControlCenter at printing sites in Jeddah, Riyadh and Dammam

January 2012
Verdens Gang (VG), Oslo Norway installs TransmissionCenter for distribution to sites in Oslo, Kristiansand, Bergen, Tronheim and Harstad as well as Spain and Tyrkey

August 2011
I-Print OY, Finland chooses InkCenter and WebCenter

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