IT integration


Find your solution to technology integration here. We offer the crusial missing links for automation of business processes.

Our competences include

   Automated data-validation, conversion og publishing

   Software-infrastructure for E-commerce

   Web-enabling of business data

E-engineering - what is it?

Business re-engineering is basically a matter of 'electrifying' the corporate value-chain. E-engineering is the term we use for electronic re-engineering of the work processes thoughout the chain with the Internet as focal point. The goal is to cut cost, simplify processes and create new possible revenue streams - all without turning the corporation upside down! The goals for the corporation are the same as for traditional process re-engineering - only more efficient through electronic integration.
InfraLogic solutions will support the backbone of the corporation by streamlining the interfaces toward the suppliers and customers. At the same time our solutions will create better base for reporting for management decision-making.