Centralized File Flow Management Hub

FileCenter is an automation tool for managing file reception, processing and distribution. The application has many ‘swiss knife’ options for automating file processing.

FileCenter will be first entry point in a centralized customer page document hub, ideal as entry point for companies with multiple output formats and sites.

FileCenter may be used for continuous hot-folder file polling and transfer to/from LAN folders, FTP servers or upload/download of e-mail attachments.

Apart from securely moving files, FileCenter has an advanced renaming scheme for adapting incoming files to workflow naming conventions

Finally FileCenter can be used for folder-to-folder TIFF/PDF document normalize, allowing rotation, invert, mirroring and trimming of TIFF and PDF files.


   Multiple hot-folder operation

   Automatic download/upload from/to FTP servers or other network servers

   Automatic retrieval of e-mail file attachments and sending of files attached to e-mails.

   Copying and optionally compression (zip) of files to archives

   Automatic renaming of files based on multiple regular expressions

   Conditional routing to target folders based on name pattern matching

   Image processing (optional) including rotation, inverting, mirroring of TIFF files,
    trimming of TIFF and PDF files and scaling of PDF files. (For scaling of 1-bit TIFFs - see CCResampler)

   Elimination of Harlequin RIP TIFF output pixel round-off error (‘white stripe problem’)
    allowing perfect pairing of pages to spreads

   Customized status reporting and optional reporting

   Requirements: Windows based, 2 GB or more recommended, 32 GB disk,