PDFHUB is an automated PDF product distribution system, enabling scheduled and secured distribution

of PDF-based publications to print, ePaper publishing and other receivers.


Product highlights

  Multiple site transmission system, typically via FTP to remote servers

  Distributes publishing products to multiple channels according to per-product rules

  Handles per-channel PDF processing eg. CMYK conversion for printing or online-ready PDFs to epapers.

  PDF input from hot-folders, FTP/SFTP clients or from Aptoma editorial systems via web-hooks

  Advanced priority and scheduling system for timely delivery to receivers

  Output to channels using SMB, FTP/SFTP, Email, Amazon S3, Google drive etc.

  Very flexible input/output naming scheme rules

  Flexible ‘ordering’ system for easy planning of product page distribution to particular sites

  Integrates with epaper publishers such as VisioLink, Retriever, textalk and others for facilitating epaper article views.

  Optional plan data input from Atex CrossAd, Newspilot, PPI and Aptoma for more advances zoned products

  Detailed per-job or aggregated reports distributed via e-mail

  Optional WebCenter PDF page visualizer for page approval procedures

  Solution may be hosted in house or at InfraLogic as SAAS (Azure)