SMS service

Send and recived SMS service


This device ensure communication via SMS.


Sending messages to selected numbers with a message of error, status or productions feedback depending on the configuration. Recived sms-message and answer the sms with informaation.

The device is controlled via a USB connector to a PC. Here our software control the device which provides for sending and receiving SMS.

There are no restrictions on the number of configurations and you can set up the system to suit your installation and needs.


Sample set up:

  • A user send a sms-message to the unit that containing text "Status KBA", a text message is sent back to the user with information about the KBA press.
  • A machine is down or many files in a directory trigger a predefined text eg. "Warning: at: 14:31:31 db server out of service" or "Disk full on drive \\"
  • Submit a daily status at 08:00 on today's production.
  • A running-file is invalid, then unit send sms to pree-definide users a text.



The unit and software can run in any installations (not only in a flowsystem) and provide sms-service for CC/PPM/windows operationssystem.

The units is a normaly phone in the GSM network and only need a simcard for working.