TransmissionCenter is a centralized page reception 'hub' for distribution of printing jobs to remote print sites. Typically TransmissionCenter will be implemented to cover the following scenarios:

Transmission system for cenralized newspaper editorial with build-in form generation (e.g. page apiring) and transmission to multiple printing sites with different requirements for form layout. The planning may involve complex zoned and timed editions

Centralized 'hub' for customers sending PDF pages to one central point, where pre-flight and page check is carried out. After approval forms are distributed to printing sites according to production planning. Customers will be able to plan products and visually approve pages

Product highlights

  Multiple site transmission system, typically via FTP to remote servers

  Distribution based on file names and/or page plans

  Control and status extraction and visualization of pre-flight and ripping processes

  Native PDF and TIFF support with soft-proof generation for page inspection and approval.

  Product detail hierarchy including product name, publication date, edition (zone and/or time), section and page

  Advanced edition planning system with plan re-use load options

  Optional interface to external planning systems

  Web client (WebCenter) for external customer page planning and approval

  Status collection from external sources such as preflight systems and remote site plate processing systems.